Welp is the end of the year. I have things in the works, however, I just started a new job. It requires me to learn many new and exciting things. While I learn these new things, I will be working on new blog posts for the upcoming year. Starting next year, I will be adding a monthly mental health blog post and tieing it into information technology. I will cover things like burnout, all-or-nothing thinking, avoiding becoming sour in IT, and much more. On the Information technology side of things, I will be adding items like a universal dashboard, Powershell with SQL, graph API, SharePoint items, and more. I will be diving deeper into items like unifi controllers, firewalls, and different networking stacks. Finally, I will be looking into more power automate and helping get people off the ground.

However, during this month, I need to take a break and focus on my family and the new job. Thank you all for supporting me this year with this transition.

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