Azure AD Hardening- Revoke disabled sign-in tokens

Azure AD Hardening- Revoke disabled sign-in tokens

As part of my efforts to harden clients’ azure accounts, We need to remove/refresh all the sign-in tokens from the disabled account. Why? That’s very simple, If you don’t, then any signed-in device still has access. For example, if I terminate a user, I block their sign-in in office 365. The block will take effect within 24 hours. This is why we want to Revoke Disabled Sign-in tokens.

The user can steal data if you don’t remove/refresh the sign-in tokens. By removing/refreshing the sign-in tokens, the outlook can no longer authenticate back with office 365. This means no more new emails. Everything on the computer is still a free game. The user can decode the PST files. I revoke/refresh the tokens with a single command from the Azure AD PowerShell module.

Revoke Disabled Sign-in

Get-AzureADUser | where-object {$_.AccountEnabled -eq $False} | foreach-object {Revoke-AzureADUserAllRefreshToken -ObjectId $_.ObjectId}

The Breakdown

It’s time to break down the “Revoke Disabled Sign-in” script. The first step is to grab all the users from the azure ad. We do this with the Get-AzureADUser command. Next, we parse that information through a where-object. We want to filter out the accountEnabled by the value of false. Now that we have all the disabled users we start a foreach-object loop. Inside our loop, we want to trigger the Revoke-AzureADUserAllRefreshToken command using the Object ID. We are grabbing the previous command’s output using the $_ object. The ObjectID is the object we are pulling out.


At the end of the day, this code snippet is a catch-all for standard processes. Whenever you terminate an employee, it’s always a good idea to revoke the sign-in tokens.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.