I needed to grab all the mobile devices that had emails attached to them not too long ago. I could have gone through the GUI, and spent a few days trying my best to document everything, or I could use Powershell to pull the O365 Mobile Devices. Can you guess which one I did? Yep, PowerShell is a way of thinking nowadays in the system admin world.

The Script

$Mailboxes = get-mailbox -all
$Devices = foreach ($Mail in $Mailboxes) {
    $MobileDevices = Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox $mail.userprincipalname
    foreach ($Device in $MobileDevices) {
        $Stats = Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Identity $Device.Identity
            User = $mail.userprincipalname
            FriendlyName                  = $Device.FriendlyName
            name                          = $Device.name
            Identity                      = $Device.Identity
            DeviceID                      = $Device.DeviceId
            DeviceOS                      = $Device.DeviceOS
            DeviceType                    = $Device.DeviceType
            DeviceModel                   = $Device.DeviceModel 
            ClientType                    = $Stats.ClientType
            FirstSyncTime                 = $Device.FirstSyncTime
            WhenChanged                   = $Device.WhenChanged
            LastPolicyUpdateTime          = $Stats.LastPolicyUpdateTime
            LastSyncAttemptTime           = $Stats.LastSyncAttemptTime
            LastSuccessSync               = $stats.LastSuccessSync
            DeviceAccessState             = $Device.DeviceAccessState
            DeviceAccessStateReason       = $Device.DeviceAccessStateReason
            IsValid                       = $Device.IsValid
            Status                        = $Stats.Status
            DevicePolicyApplied           = $stats.DevicePolicyApplied
            DevicePolicyApplicationStatus = $stats.DevicePolicyApplicationStatus

The Break Down

This script is pretty straightforward. We first connect to exchange online. Currently, this script is designed to work with MFA. Then we grab all the mailboxes from O365.

$Mailboxes = get-mailbox -all

Next, we loop through these mailboxes. We drop all the information get gather from this loop into a variable. I called my devices. Once again, nothing great or grand.

$Devices = foreach ($Mail in $Mailboxes) {}

For each mailbox we have, we pull all of the devices from that mailbox. Since a single mailbox can have more than one device, we loop through these devices. For each loop, we want to grab that device’s stats to gain more insights.

$MobileDevices = Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox $mail.userprincipalname
    foreach ($Device in $MobileDevices) {
        $Stats = Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Identity $Device.Identity

Finally, from there we gather the information into a single object. These commands produce a lot of information. It’s best to parse it down some. That’s what I did with the next part. That’s how I am able to get all the O365 Mobile Devices using PowerShell.

Additional Reading