Need to deploy the latest version of firefox to 1000 machines, Here is a little powerhouse script that can do just that. It’s similar to my last script (Gimp) as it downloads directly from the web. This time we don’t have to parse out a website since Modzilla has it laid out before us.

The Script

$FirefoxSource = ""
$Installer = "$ENV:TEMP\ModzillaFirefox.exe"
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $FirefoxSource -OutFile $Installer
Get-Process -Name "*firefox*" | Stop-Process -Force
Start-Process -FilePath $Installer -ArgumentList "/s" -Verb runas -wait
Remove-Item $Installer

The Breakdown

The source is awesome. We are downloading directly from the site with their latest 64-bit product. This time we are going with the temporary file and then downloading the file with invoke-webrequest. Then we start the process of installing it with the /s flag which means silent. Since we are coming from the temp folder I threw in the runas flag to run it as the system. This way it installs for all users. Next, we set the wait flag to install the system. From everything I have read, we don’t need to uninstall the previous version to install the newest version. We do however have to stop the process that’s why we have a get process and stop process above. Finally, we remove the installer. That’s it. A lot simpler than Gimp.