Group Policy How-To – Folders

Group Policy How-To – Folders

Whenever we get a new client, one of the first things we do is create a new folder on the root of C called temp. If that client has a group policy we create a policy just for that. This guide is a simple one, it’s how to create a folder with group policy. This post will build on other posts. Let’s get started.

Creating the Policy

  1. Start Group Policy.
  2. Expand to your Group Policy Objects
  3. Right Click and Select new Policy.
  4. Name the Policy. I suggest, “Folder – Temp”
  5. Right Click the “Folder – Temp” Policy and click edit
  6. Naviage to Computer Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Folders.
  7. Right Click in the right plane
  8. Click New > Folder
  9. In the Path location, enter the path you want. In this case it will be c:\temp.
  10. Click OK.

Now we have the policy made, we need to decide who is getting the policy. We want every computer to get this policy. Closeout the edit group policy and click on the policy. Then click on the delegation tab. Here we see our delegations. Right now every user and computer will execute this policy. We want to change that.

Delegating the Policy

  1. Click on the policy in question “Folder – Temp”
  2. Click the delegation tab.
  3. Click Authenticated users
  4. Click advanced
  5. Click autenticated users in this window.
  6. Uncheck apply group policy.
  7. Click the add button
  8. Search for Domain Computers
  9. Give Domain computers Read and Apply by checking the check box on read and apply group policy.
  10. Click Apply
  11. Click Ok.

Linking the policy

Now the policy will only apply to Domain Computers inside whatever OU you link it to. Now we need to link it to an OU. Since we are doing this to all computers on the domain, we can link it at the top level. We do this by right-clicking the domain and clicking the Link existing gpo object. We search for the GPO in question and click it. Then we click ok. Within the next few days, the c:\temp folder will be created.

That is how you create a folder on all computers in your domain. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.